When are orders placed?

Orders are placed in the final week of each month. The specific date for upcoming orders is displayed on the top of the page.

What does *Shipping Only* mean?

This means that particular product can only be purchased through shipping and not pick up. Simply notify us at least one week in advance so we can ensure it is delivered by our pick up date. 

When is my payment due?

Payment is due one day prior to order date.

How to pay?

Simply deposit or transfer funds to:

Alexandria Thompson

First Caribbean International Bank

Branch Code: 09726

Account Number: 201741080


Alexandria Thompson

Commonwealth Bank

Branch Code: 21105

Account Number: 7055058853


Pay in person: Contact Alex at 441-2909 to schedule a meeting time

How long before my order arrives?

Your order will arrive within four (4) to six (6) business days after order date (see header of page for date).

Cash Back

The shopping period for cash back is April to March each year. Every order placed with Order Smarts is recorded. At the end of each shopping period, your total amount spent (items only) with Order Smarts is tallied and prorated. That percentage will be used to calculate your portion of the cash back rewarded (up to $500.00).

What if I don't receive some of my items?

Due to constant change in inventory, some items may not be available during time of pickup. If this happens, your invoice will be revised and a digital discount code will be issued via e-mail in the amount to be credited. 

 Where do you ship to?

Currently, ordersmARTs' services is provided on Grand Bahama.

Do I have to pay additional funds when my order arrives?

No. Your price at checkout is your final total.

Is delivery available?

Yes! You can have your items delivered to your home for an additional fee. Based on the size of your order and location, the delivery fee ranges from $20.00 to $60.00.